Aerosol Intelligence Lab
Push the boundaries of science and creat impact for a better society  
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1. Nanoscale additive manufacturing
2. Printed nanodevices
3. Light-matter interactions
4. High-entropy alloys 
5. Atomic clusters
6. 4D printing
Our group has competitive resources and advanced facilities. If you are interested in these topics and are ready to challenge yourself, please send an email to fengjch(at) to discuss more details.
For those who are highly motivated to challenge new research topics and ready to make foundametally different things.
Note that PhD projects are only available to those students already enrolled in ShanghaiTech.
Vacancies: Reseach assistant professor and Postdocs
PhD projects
We have research projects on the following topics:
We highly welcome those with entrepreneurial skills to join our goup!
The climate, energy transition, digital society, health. At AIL, you take on these global challenges.
When you work in AIL, you are ambitiously working on positive change through world-class research, education and innovation.
Whether it concerns chips, light manipulation, quantum computing. Along with colleagues and students, you devise and develop solutions using technology to have a positive impact on a global scale.
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