Aerosol Intelligence Lab
  • Back cover
    Mar. 2024, Shirong's paper was selected as the back cover of Advanced Functional Materials.
  • Paper publication
    Nov. 2023, Shirong's paper is published in Advanced Funcational Materials, titled as “Programmable and Parallel 3D Nanoprinting Using Configured Electric Fields”
  • Editor Highlights by Nature Electronics
    Oct. 2023, Bingyan's paper is highlighted by Nature Electronics
  • Conference in Hefei, China
    Oct. 2023, Jicheng gave an invited talk in the 14th China Aerosol Conference: The power of aerosol nanotechnology and served as the organizing committe for International Aerosol Conference 2026
  • Award for students
    Oct. 2023, Bingyan was awared a National Scholarship, Congratulations!
  • Ceremony
    Sep. 2023, Jicheng was invited to give a speech in the ceremony for the fresh year students
  • Editor Highlights and Featured Image
    Sep. 2023, Bingyan's paper was highlighted by Nature Communications and the work was selected as Featured Image. The Editors’ Highlights aim to showcase the 50 best papers recently published in an area.
  • International Conference in Spain
    Shirong, Yaochen and Jicheng attended the European Aerosol Conference 2023, Malaga, Spain. Our grouop gave two oral presentations and four posters. Yuxiang won the Best Poster Award among 700 candidates. Congratulations!
  • Popular Science
    Behind the paper: Beyond nanolithography: A 3D printing paradigm shift
  • Publication in Nature Communications
    Aug. 2023, Bingyan's paper is published in Nature Communications, entitled as "Metal 3D nanoprinting with coupled fields". Congratulations! The work shows that multiple materials were printed into nanoscale 3D nanoarchitectures of various geometries and array forms. The printed nanostructures show intriguing optical properties.
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