Aerosol Intelligence Lab
I have several active international experiences, amongst others: 
1. Netherlands 
    • Prof. Dr. Marc Koper, Member of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Leiden University), unconventional cathodic corrosion. 
    • Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmidt-Ott (Delft University of Technology), aerosol particle technology. 
    • Prof. Dr. Ekkes Bruik (Delft University of Technology), magnetcaloric nanoparticles. 
    • Prof. Dr. Henny Zandbergen (Delft University of Technology), scaling up nanoparticle production. 
    • Dr. Louis de Smet (Wageningen University), dry textile nanofinishing. 
 2. Germany 
    • Prof. Dr. Einar Kruis (University Duisburg-Essen), aerosol textile nanofinishing. 
    • Prof. Dr. Hermann Nirschl (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), SAXS/WAXS. 
    • Dr. Xiaoai Guo (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), SAXS/WAXS. 
    • Dr. Jorg Meyer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), filtration properties of the textiles. 
    • Dr. Maximilian Weiss (General Manager at PALAS Gmbh), electrode feeding system 
    • Herve Dietsch (Team leader Formulation Hybrid Systems, BASF), nanoparticle catalysis. 
 3. Hungary 
    • Prof. Dr. Zsolt Geretovszky (University of Szeged), spark plasma diagnosis. 
    • Dr. Gabor Galbacs (University of Szeged), ternary alloy nanoparticles. 
 4. Spain 
   • Dr. Esther Hontanon (Spanish National Research Council), aerosol nanofinishing 
   • Dr. Maria Blanes (AITEX), textiles nanofinishing. 
   • Dr. Laura Santos (Foundation for the Promotion of the Textile Industry), antibacterial activity of nanofinished textiles. 
 5. France 
   • Dr. Tatiana Itina (French National Centre for Scientific Research), spark plasma. 
 6. Austria 
   • Dr. Anne Maisser (University of Vienna), particle growth theory 
 7. Cyprus 
   • Dr. George Biskos (The Cyprus Institute), aerosol nanoparticle technology 
 8. Sweden
    • Dr. Maria Messing (Lund University), scaling up nanoparticle manufacturing and their characterization
 9. Norway 
   • Dr. Christelle Denonville (SINTEF), nanoparticle catalyst 
 10. Portugal 
   • Dr. Junjie Li (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory INL), HRTEM. 
11. South Korea 
  • Prof. Mansoo Choi (Seoul National University), Development of Aerosol-based 3D Nanoprinting 
  • Dr. Peter V. Pikhitsa (Seoul National University), Unexplored fundamentals in the new 3D Nanoprinting and new alloy development